Reflections from an ornate teaspoon, platter and ring. The sentiment of the object is reduced to an essence through a process of 3D scanning, cad modelling, 3d wax printing and individually lost wax casting the reflections in the original silver of the spoon. The collections of pieces take their name from the both the word for a man-made object and the technical term for something created as a result of digital investigation.

Scattered between family after an heirloom is long gone or taken on a journey where the original wouldn't have had a place, these pieces take you back as their reflections make your recollect.



Light From Soane


 The competition aimed to marry the processes of hands-on craftsmanship with the latest digital technologies, and offers a prestigious platform for a new generation of jewellery designer makers to showcase their hybrid contemporary designs.

Judges including Heal’s Head of Fabric and Design Pia Benham; jewellery designers Lara Bohinc, and Shaun Leane and Ben Rowe from House of Shaun Leane; curator of applied arts Sarah Griffin; artist and 3D printing expert Adam Lowe; Anna Rigby, Head of Buying, Home Accessories & Gifts, Textiles and Carpets for John Lewis; and journalist and luxury expert Lucia van der Post, selected the winning designers. Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

I worked with the layered nature of 3D printing, working into the surface by hand, creating a marble effect with various pigments, the old and the new come together in a way that I hope the ever innovative and playful Sir John Soane would have appreciated. The light elevates the fragment into something special, a memento of the pieces found in the museum to live within your own home.

Photo credit : Thomas Griffiths 



In an uncertain moment of nostalgia, flickers of a candle pick out highlights from the relief on ornate objects and they are reduced to spectacular essence of their former self. Recalling the fundamental origins of adornment, when man was drawn to make flints spark under stars.



After Image


Each new stone carved from silicone is made precious by its quality of light. The rubbery silicon has qualities of moonstone and opal, milky white and changing tones through blue-pink-gold depending on the quality and angle of surrounding light.

The hand carving process brings to mind the creation of the first jewellery – early man carving by the fireside, quartz and flints sparking. A haze of meteorite after images when you close your eyes.



Silver pendants, in different oxidised finishes. With working drawers. 2010   Patterns based on decorative household objects. The pendant drawers can be opened. Inspired by hidden compartments in cabinets and bureaux. To be filled with your own mementos, glimpses of personal narratives.